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Secondary Transition Workshop | Greater London Courses

Secondary Transition Workshop

Moving to secondary school is an exciting and pivotal time in any child’s life. As a parent, worrying is an inevitable but perfectly natural response. Questions that parents often ask themselves, include: ’How will my son fit into the new routine?’ or, ‘will my daughter have the confidence to make new friends?’, and crucially, ‘will my child be happy?’.

Greater London Courses have teamed up with Kaizen - specialists in leadership training, to bring an innovative new workshop that helps students transition into secondary school through learning confidence, empathy and communication skills.

Course information

  • Developing resilience, self-esteem and understanding of themselves and others
  • Identifying creative ways to respond to and overcome difficult situations
  • Learning about decision making in relationships with peers
  • Developing the skills to communicate powerfully and effectively
  • Learning strategies to engage more fully with learning.

Strengthening these key skills can ensure that children start secondary school prepared for any challenges to come. Workshop Content includes:

  • Tools to explore and develop leadership and commitment.
  • Listening, communication and presentation skills
  • Actions and Consequences: how to choose actions in your long-term best interests
  • Looking at judgements and self-imposed limitations
  • Discovering what it takes to be a successful member of a team and to create effective relationships with staff and other young people

Cost: £250 per child (including VAT)

 There will be a maximum of 20 students in these workshops

The workshops are run by a trainer and coach provided by Kaizen

If you recommend us to a friend and they book a place too you will be given a £25 discount!

Student Feedback

“I learned how to be more confident and how to behave in Year 7”

“I now know how to manage myself.”

“I have learned not to walk out of a classroom and get distracted”

“I feel more confident and excited”

“I take school more seriously now”

“I listen more to adults and learned how work in a team”

Contact Us

To book a spot on this inspiring workshop please get in touch – Tel: 020 7034 0800 Email: enquiries@hollandparkeducation.com.



22 Baseline Studios Whitchurch Road London W11 4AT