Non-Graduates Face Tougher Times

In amongst the many news stories detailing the ever decreasing fortunes for university graduates, the more concerning revelation is that those without a degree face much tougher prospects. This is something that may be expected when compared to graduates from the top universities, but it seems that those with degrees from across the board will do better than their counterparts without a university education.

The in depth study by Futuretrack revealed that on average, those who left education without a degree were paid much less than those with a degree. 70% of non-graduates earned less than £15,000 in their first job, felt much disadvantaged when they were looking for jobs, and were far less optimistic when considering their long term career.

With so many people now going to university it is apparent that not only has competition between graduates become fiercer, but it has become much more difficult for non-graduates to show their ability when compared to the wide range of people with degrees. The outcome of this is that despite the increased fees for university, the value of a degree is higher than ever, and pupils should not automatically write off going to university based on cost.

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