Getting Ahead In English GCSE and IGCSE

The transition between Year 9 and GCSE or iGCSE English Language and English Literature can be challenging for students, with many new texts, approaches and questions introduced over a short period of time. This week-long course will facilitate this transition, equipping students with the skills required throughout their GCSE or iGCSE courses, helping them to confidently approach any text or exam question.

The course will focus on both English Language and English Literature and will include:

  • A pre-course questionnaire to assess the needs of each student. This helps us to tailor the course to the students’ particular requirements.
  • A small homework task after each session to consolidate the day’s learning.
  • Reports and feedback. The teacher will summarise what was covered on the course and provide individual written feedback to students and their parents, suggesting areas for further work.

The course will be split into sessions on English Literature and English Language; however, the following key skills will be introduced and developed throughout the week:

  • Planning and structuring essays and other written pieces for exams and coursework.
  • Writing under timed conditions.
  • Learning to evaluate and improve one’s own work.
  • Locating and employing useful resources.

The English Language component will develop the following reading and writing skills:

  • Analysing and comparing source material, identifying and evaluating genre and purpose, and linguistic, structural and presentational features.
  • Understanding and explaining implicit and explicit meanings.
  • Writing for different purposes, employing accurate and effective grammar and appropriate vocabulary and register.

The analysis of English Literature will be divided into sessions on poetry, prose and drama, however all sessions will focus on:

  • Analysing language, structure and form and recognising how writers use literary techniques in order to create meaning and effect.
  • Considering the cultural contexts of literary texts.
  • Developing and articulating well-informed personal responses.

There will be a maximum of six students per course
Cost – £275 per student



22 Baseline Studios Whitchurch Road London W11 4AT